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We may often get frustrated and skeptical with aspects of the faith we don’t understand or can’t physically see, but we need to be reminded that mystery is actually a necessary part of the journey. With a riveting magic show, Giancarlo Bernini shows us that we have enough to trust what we don’t yet understand.

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OSV Talks was built with a mission to inspire creativity and innovation by prominent Catholic leaders in our world today. Our dynamic OSV Talks presenters share their ideas to inspire and challenge us in a variety of issues facing the Catholic Church to get the Church talking!

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We’re here to give you the tools you need to grow in your relationship with God, wherever you are — on your commute or doing tasks around the house, sitting down with a good book, or gathering the kids for some family prayer time. We believe there’s power and value in reading, listening, and learning from the Church’s tradition and the saints that have gone before us, while also digging into what it means to embrace faith in everyday life.