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In a world where power is gained by winning, Leonard DeLorenzo posits finding one’s own Christian identity by losing on purpose. Citing examples from his own father and John the Baptist, DeLorenzo weaves together stories of action: of sacrifice and courage to lose in the face of a culture that demands gaining at all costs for the sake of Christ.

Catholic Talks to get the Church Talking

OSV Talks was built with a mission to inspire creativity and innovation by prominent Catholic leaders in our world today. Our dynamic OSV Talks presenters share their ideas to inspire and challenge us in a variety of issues facing the Catholic Church to get the Church talking!

Inspiring & Encouraging Catholic Innovation

Over 100 years ago, Archbishop Noll founded OSV using new methods to communicate the gospel. Innovative thinking is at the core of OSV and OSV Talks is part of a larger effort to be a catalyst for Catholic innovation.

OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation is excited to bring you this groundbreaking series harnessing some of the most forward-thinking minds in the Church today.